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Music Review : You by dodie

Hi all! Thank you so much for everyone's lovely comments on my last blog. As promised this is a more cheerful blog piece than the last one! As not promised it's a little late than promised. (I do apologise it's been a busy week). Just wanted to disclaim that all the opinions below are just my interpretation of the music and the artist's songs. Please let me know what you thought of this blog piece, thank you! :) 

Dorothy Clark is known as dodie. She is a YouTuber and singer/songwriter. She has a vlogging channel called 'doddlevloggle' and has her main channel called 'doddleoddle' and now has two EPs - "Intertwined" and "You".
I'll be blogging about her latest EP "You" because I've been a fan of dodie for about a year. She's the only YouTuber I'm really invested in and love. Her personality, music, what she stands for and talks about inspires me and catches my imagination as she is a very unique and relatab…

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